Sesamoid Fractures

Sports Injuries 

Fractured Sesamoid

The Sesamoids are too small bones located underneath the big toe joint. This joint is also called the first metatarsal phalangeal joint. The sesamoids function is to assist the tendon that pulls the toe down. They allow for greater force and propulsion during gait. The sesamoids are small usually ranging from about 2 to 4 cm. Like any other bone the sesamoids can become fractured causing significant pain.

Often sesamoid fractures are described as turf toe. Turf toe is a hyperextension of the big toe joint in an upward direction. When the big toe joint is extended towards the top of the foot over approximately 80° it starts to tear the attachments on the bottom of the joint. In severe cases turf toe is accompanied by a sesamoid fracture.

The major decision when evaluating a fracture is whether the fracture requires surgery or can be treated by casting. Often this decision is made depending on the severity of the fracture, whether the bones have moved away from each other, and whether not fixing the fracture will lead to problems down the road.

There is often a timetable of when the fracture should be treated. It is not advisable to delay seeing a physician after injuring yourself.